Friday, 30 June 2017

A holiday, and more!

A vacation, finally! I am not yet ready for an 'us-only' holiday with K, but a trip with friends was explored - and it turned out to be very doable. Anurag and Reema were visiting from Kanpur with three year old Atharva and we went to Masinagudi's good old Jungle Hut for the weekend.
We stayed in their tent house and it was warm and cozy and ideal for late night gupshup in the balcony. We took a nature trek up a hill with K and a random jeep safari one evening where we spent an hour breathing diesel fuel.
K had her first swim, saw her first tiger (strolling alongside our car while we were heading to the morning jungle safari where we didn't spot anything but peacocks and bisons), and displayed an enhanced interest in eating when on the swing. The kids did fine, chasing each other around and throwing tantrums in turn.

In other milestones
- K has learnt to get bored

- K's first swim - which thanks to a ball became bearable (It was also a memorable way for daddy and baby to celebrate Father's Day!)

- K has learnt to pray. In fact she is a talented God finder, spotting gods and godly saints in the darkest nooks and corners, doing a namo-namo/jay-jay and sometimes adding a padmasana with a flourish.

- K plays teacher at Jaya Atte's tuition class

- K has started to eat on her own (sometimes when The Mood strikes her)

- She is mighty possessive about her biscuit

- She also likes to hang out inside cupboards

- I have one willing listener to my songs, but that is about to change. K has begun to indicate with her eyes when she wants a change in song, and sometimes I have to try some 30 odd songs, before she settles.

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