Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The FOMO syndrome

At 13 months, K now utters 'Mamma' - nothing gush-able there though because it mostly means any and every name-place-animal-thing within grabbing distance. She is forever on a lookout on what she might be missing, and her 'Mamma' is quick to come when I pick up my purse or reach for a mango. Despite my attempts to make our home child-safe, it is a constant battle to keep K in check, especially managing her peculiar interest in munching on pest control lumps pasted on the corners (mercifully, they are herbal!). So the only way to handle this is by giving her pack and play crib another twist. It now acts as a storage for our laptops, electronics and other untouchable items; also as a gate so that she can't sneak out to the balcony and chew on shoes in the shoe stand.

Double role
Protector of all things precious - including bucket!
Harini came down to Bangalore to meet K, and very quickly took over babysitting duties.

So did Shobita, who came down to join us for K's birthday celebrations on April 2.

Sushmita before moving to the US, visited us at Hosur with her parents and Bhavana. Aunty later told me she was very inspired with K's Hi's and used it at home to diffuse family arguments.
K: That's how I say hello! (to Sush's mom)

K with Sush's parents in Hosur

Sush smiling away
Sush babysits on her farewell party

The gang at Sush's farewell party

Milestones this month:

- We bought a stroller so that we could resume our running. So she now joins us in Lalbagh over weekends, mostly as a sleeping mate.

- Tackles a mega sized laddoo and makes our family proud

- Bares her teeth (she now has some)


- Gets some Self Help
"How to Overcome Mental Stress"
- Learns to share
Here's the bottles - one for you, one for me!

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