Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Ten months: Mitey trouble

K's tenth month turned out to be a long one.
We finally discovered that the skin rashes that have been troubling her since the day she came home was not eczema but scabies. We got her treated for scabies in her very first week home, but despite consulting a 'leading' (quotes used with loads of sarcasm) pediatric dermatologist, the treatment advised was incomplete and therefore it never did go away. Till we found out perchance this January that we had contracted it as well.
Because of a careless treatment, poor K suffered terribly with her itches. When the allopathy medication didn't help, I showed her to my homeopathy doc who told me atopic eczema would last her a couple of years, and steroids would only thin her skin and push the allergy into her body. I then showed her to a homeopathy allergist across town who told me that I should keep her home as much as possible to avoid triggers. Internet scared me about what awaits her as she gree older. I stopped using detergents, soaps and certain foods. I experimented with coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, groundnut oil, jojoba oil with lavender, and all the assortments of creams suggested by the wise doc.
In late Dec, all of us started getting itches at night. We went to more docs, who made us use boric powder, allegras and clean our already-clean overhead tank. And then one day, we came across this decrepit skin clinic down the road who looked at our marks and finally diagnosed us with scabies. It struck me then that none of the docs - and I mean none of them - had opened her booty leggings to see how her boils looked like. They were only eager to blame Allergy Capital Bangalore and give their unique medicines.
The ten day treatment was not easy - we had to wash all our clothing and bedsheets in boiling water everyday. We had to apply a mite soap on K and keep it on for five minutes - and that hurt her as hell - and follow it up with a lotion that burned her even more. But now, a month later, all is well and we are ever so grateful.
Lessons learnt - keep doggedly looking for the good doc, make sure the doc looks at your case in its own merit, do not estimate a clinic by its fading signage, and some things work out only when it is time!

After, wearing B Aunty's gift
Meanwhile, I did my first work-related travel after K, to Delhi to organize the Million Jobs Conclave. The entire village stepped in to take care of her. Both of us got busy, and didn't miss each other as dramatically as we thought we would.

K in yellow on Saraswati Puja with her thamma
At Aaliya's tenth birthday