Friday, 30 December 2016

Nine months outside

Yesterday, we spotted a cute baby at the vegetable shop, and I told Conscience Keeper that she reminded me of K when she was a baby. And to think that K just turned 9 months old!
She has been growing really fast. She happily cruises around on her walker, sings when she feels like, claps when she is happy, fakes a cough, and also manages to give a dirty look when she thinks we deserve it.
Stuff that happened in her ninth month

Outgrew her crib with a bad thud on the floor
Learnt to concentrate

Found new toys

Yet to understand a NO

Chewing on wires, her favorite candy!

Saturday, 24 December 2016

First vacation with K

This anniversary - our 8th on Dec 8 - became really special this year, in ways we had never imagined a few months ago. As luck would have it, we got our final hearing for K scheduled on that day, where we moved from foster to legal parenthood. It was our first time at court, and we were very close to not having our turn at all - the judge had changed that very day and the new judge was interested in dealing with pending criminal cases - but K who is very excited about discovering her own voice created enough loud blabber to win us his time and attention.
Us outside the court at Kundapura

During this trip to Kundapura, we also spent a few days at the Blue Matsya at Kapu beach. Located right on the beach - we just had to walk down a small garden patch to reach the sea - it was a place I have been wanting to visit ever since Ap raved about it a year ago. The Blue Matsya is a self catering house with lovely balconies facing the sea. For a day we had both the floors to ourselves, and the next two days we shared with another family visiting from Bangalore who stayed downstairs. Kapu is a very quiet beach with clean though muddy waters, and a lovely lighthouse close to the house. We stepped out one late evening for a date walk, but had to turn back because the roads looked scary and isolated.
We also too mil with us this time and we were very excited because it was her first time in a sea side town. K too had a good time, but owing to her eczema, we kept her mostly indoors, but for the trip to Udipi matha which turned out ruinous to her skin. She is still dealing with her rashes, a fortnight after our visit.

Outside the Krishna temple at Udupi

Another milestone: K's first fall from bed. An afternoon of lolling about soon turned into deep slumber, and  K, bored , climbed on me and had a great fall. She bled from her nose and gave us a fright but thankfully she was not badly hurt and was soon her playful self again


Friday, 2 December 2016

Season of mittens

Winter is not in a mood to visit, though it is December already - and there are plenty of hand knitted woolens waiting for K to wear. From my aunts to friends to my mom's neighbours - some of them I do not even know - have spent many evenings busily knitting socks and sweaters and caps for dear K.
Wish the weather was as enthusiastic...
Pink sweater and a cute bunny rabbit cap made by my mom's neighbours in Hosur
Another with the bunny rabbit cap

The green skull cap lookalike
MIL knitted this before we even brought K home!

The blue wool frock gifted by L, my running partner, who learnt it watching youtube
Trying out the yellow and white wool frock knitted by Jaya atte

Haggard is in

With K finishing her 8th month, and going on 9 - Separation anxiety has kicked in; she loves throwing her toys down and watching me pick them up again and again; and is now teething.

Her typical long face every time I dress up to go anywhere. She prefers me haggard, in faded clothes and sans makeup. If she catches me wearing nice clothes or applying lipstick, she clings to me for dear life!