Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Getting naughty

You know I am naughty when....

..I can climb on to packages to chew the door stopper

...pop out of bookshelves

...clean the floor with my knees

Sunday, 20 November 2016

K goes after badam halwa

Amma made K lick the sticky almond halwa after she said Avva - her first words. The little one seems to have loved it, for she went chasing the bowl. She even stopped to check everyone's hands to make sure no one is hiding it.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

When things came to a crawl....

Last week, K, who seems to be in a tearing hurry to grow up, finally crawled!
I quickly stripped the house of furniture and decor items so that she has the space to move around, but it turns out that she would rather climb than crawl. For lack of any furniture to climb on, she now risks life and limb to try and climb up walls.

The only time she uses her newfound mobility is to tail me everywhere I go.

Friday, 4 November 2016

My Month

No matter how exceptional we think K is, her antics, it turns out, is as per schedule. So every baby does cooing and bouncing and snatching and drooling as a seven month old - now we have settled down to the explanation that K does all of these exceptionally well.
She is going on 8 months, and I am super excited because its going to be My Month! As per her development milestone, this is the time she will build connections, and separation anxiety will set in. So it is around now that she will start looking out for mommy. I can already see signs that she likes me more than the others - and I immodestly flaunt it!
Poor Conscience Keeper gets teased a lot. The poor guy tackles two hours of traffic ridden travel to rush home, only to find her tucked in for the night. He does night shifts (the worst shift of them all) to compensate - wakes up three times at night to feed her milk, and pats her every time she turns, quite unnecessarily - but when she doesn't calm down (which I know she won't at 5 am because its her wake up hour), I roll my eyes and take her from him and smile at her and she smiles right back.
Ah, victory!

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Festival season with K


K's sixth month coincided with the Durga pujas, so we tucked in an annaprashnam on Ashtami day (Oct 9, 2016). Not much sari wearing and pandal hopping happened - I actually turned up in one wearing a drab suit with milk marks all over my shoulders - but I didn't mind it at all. I found a quiet pandal near my house where I enjoyed giving anjali and bhog everyday and even managed to take K once for blessings. But despite the pujos being low key, it was indeed special for it was our first with K - our most generous gift from the Devi!
First Bite - a huge variety was laid out by mil who cooked everything herself, from 4 am!
The function begins. Mil has dressed K up with chandan on her forehead and aalta on her feet.

Harish, my brother for the evening, offers K her first bite of payasam. (I thought it very interesting that Rinku introduced me to Conscience Keeper 13 years ago, and her husband presides over our daughter's annaprashanam. Of course, great timing on their part to visit India during the festival)
Mil offers K a bite

Amma offers K some food (its going to be a month since the function and she continues to scrunch up her face like this every time amma attempts to feed her)
Rinku plays with K
Jaya Atte feeds her - something she is successful at even now
K with Vandana. She doesn't cease to amaze me, who single-handedly brought up her infant son without a nanny or a maid or family! 
K with Uppa Mama. Finally the uncle who we all feared has found his match in my daughter!
Choosing between pen and money - my daughter picked money. Bongs in the family would be shocked.
K is having what she loves most - finger licking good fingers

Family pic!

K and I on Vijayadashami day
The dear aunt P visits and spoils her rotten

Family politics!
With the new additions in the family - A and K, we organized a family get-together featuring loads and loads of chaats and sweets - all home made!
Getting ready for the morning yenne snana

K is figuring out why she has been handed the betel leaf so willingly

All set!

Family pic!

Sistahs and the brother in law

Yummy chaats!

Yes, we did fight, and no, unlike the pic, it was she who pinched me. And I did run crying to mama!