Thursday, 24 October 2013

Another Day, Another Morning

Two days after bees attacked me and dogs chased me in Lalbagh, I wake up to a dull gloomy morning.

I ask my conscience, "Imagine you get up and find your socks wet. Would you run?"

Conscience snorts, "I would have checked them the previous night".

A little later, I stop by the road, and ask my conscience, "Imagine a car runs over your left foot. Would you run?"

"If I am not hurt, I would," comes the terse reply.

At the park, I ask again. "Imagine your Endomondo app is not working. Would you run?"

The Conscience sounds doubtful for a second, but quickly regains his judgement. "It shouldn't matter."

I stop my run midway and get back home. This time, I don't bother my conscience. I know he is rain-proof. I am not!

PS 1: Having your husband as Conscience Keeper kind of complicates a marriage, I think.

PS 2:
A rose garden not so pretty when you 
have bees around your head and barking 
dogs at your feet. #justsaying