Sunday, 4 April 2010

Finding myself

At first, I thought I was a scorpio. Then I became a Scorsagian. Today, I found out that I am ESFP, thanks to the Jung-Myers-Briggs personality test. Pretty precise, I am impressed!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Strange discovery in a horoscope site

The star-doomed infant

No sooner does he peep into
The world, but he has done his do . . . .
Married his punctual dose of wives,
Is cuckolded, and breaks, or thrives, . .
As if men from the stars did suck
Old-age, diseases, and ill-luck,
Wit, folly, honor, virtue, vice,
Trade, travel, women, claps, and dice;
And draw with the first air they breath,
Battle, and murther, sudden death.
Are not these fine commodities
To be imported from the skies?

/Samuel Butler, Hudibras, 1664/

Sourced from the most unlikely of sites: