Monday, 22 February 2010

Getting Pricey: How to turn a 5 lakh deal to a 50 lakh one in a day

Conscience Keeper and I went to book a car, and came back booking a flat instead.
It's a long story which if cut short will read like this: Concorde Motors pathetic 'potential' customer service, a big fat fight between two vegetarians over chicken gravy and a patch up job that has resulted in 15 years of debt.
Trust me, you don't want to know the details.

Monday Blues

I know I look like Monday when:
o I wear the same dress to work that I wore on Friday
o I forget to apply lipstick
o My hair doesn’t feel like 850 bucks
o I feel fat, and guilty about yet another week of yoga classes that I am going to miss
o All my heart and half my mind is on the book I left on the bed, half read
o I forget to charge my cellphone
o I forget to fill money in my wallet
o I check my inbox more often than necessary
o I come to work to tackle last week’s deadlines
o …and frown over upcoming ones

Sunday, 21 February 2010

I Want ME Time

If only I get half a day of joblessness, I would:
  • Blog. No, seriously. I would. I promise.
  • Ok, a nice quiet nap is more tempting.
  • Finish Alexander Mc Call Smith's No 1 Detective Agency series. I have finished four and am struggling to find time to finish the rest. I am so glad that Mma Romatswe has filled the void Nancy Drew left over a decade ago.
  • Apply face pack. I haven't done it in years, and my face has taken to complaining lately
  • Pamper my feet, now that I own mineral salts sourced straight from the Dead Sea
  • Apply nail polish. I finally have three bottles - one bought, one borrowed and one stolen. I would love to own those deep reds. But what's the use? I haven't found the time this whole year.
  • Go on an aimless window shopping spree, and spend all the money in my wallet
  • Meet a friend who has been in my thoughts for months
  • Scour my frying pan
  • Clean my cupboard