Tuesday, 27 May 2008

My revenge against BIAL

Two years ago, on our way to Bangalore International Airport in Devenahalli on an inspection tour, my TOI colleague A and I struck a deal - We would leave our 'mark' on the almost-ready runway.
A enjoyed a smoke, threw the stub on the runway and delivered his part of the deal.
Next was my turn.
"Don't just stand there and stare...Do it now, quickly," he started.
"What if someone is looking?" I asked, terrified.
"No one's looking, will you please get done with this so that we can leave?" he insisted, impatiently.
I meekly mumbled, making no effort whatsoever.
"Do it for heaven's sake...NOW!"
Only tiny droplets came out. Amit looked disappointed.
"Not done. Try again. Get some phlegm in that," he instructed.
I bent down, almost hiding my face, collected a little saliva in my mouth, crinkled my nose to gather some phlegm and spat again.
Thoooo. Thooooooo.
Two blobs of my greasy saliva briefly wet a tiny part of the runway.
Considering the inconvenience BIAL is about to cause in my life - three hours of commuting time on Bangalore's traffic-ridden streets and another Rs 675 to pay towards user development fee - I DON'T regret to tell this tale.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Thirty seconds gyaan

Two points of unnecessary trivia that I have been dying to share but not getting a single willing ear. So I might as well write it here and get this thing out of my system.

1. Hooch, the illicit liquor, that killed about 150 people in Bangalore last week had methyl alcohol in it. Usually, it is made of rotten jaggery, sap collected from palm trees and decayed fruits. Sometimes, they also add frogs, cockroaches, garden lizards and chicken droppings into the brew.
2. Rome has only two metro lines. The reason they cannot have the third is because each time they dig, they find some ancient relic.

Thats all. Thank you!