Wednesday, 17 October 2007

More on Shopping in Delhi

A completely unimportant list that will bring joy to no one but me :)

Bought from Lajpatnagar:

4 Four kurtas: Sky blue with white flowers, very good for summer but will not wait for it; a plain and rather transparent onion pink to brighten up Mondays; a sober cream cotton with gold prints, most likely to be stolen by sis; another pink and cream with zari work, good fit.
4Two skirts in grass green and Bay of Bengal blue, with lots of mirrorwork in both. Jhataak.
4A yellow and pink kurti with crochet work. Far too expensive, on second thoughts. Bad buy.
4A jar of rasagollas which must still be lying untouched in my uncle's fridge. These acts of courtesy take me nowhere.

Bought from Janpath:
4Huge dumbbells prancing around as earrings, in fake silver with stones attached. Cousin thinks it to be Downright Ugly but beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. 90 bucks.
4Jaipuri patchwork wall decor in bright yellow and green, with shiny golden laces. Very Beautiful. Bargained it down from 2500 to 300 bucks. Emotionally attached to it, but have to give it away as gift to cousin-with-a-new-house.
4Madhushala and Madhubala by Harivanshrai Bacchan for mom.
4Brown and white chappals that my cousin bought. It's biting her already and she is about to disown it.
4Handloom House was too tempting. But sense prevailed and I bought nothing but a kurta.

Bought from Sarojini:
4A gym bag to motivate me. In Black with Nike logo. Almost branded. 140 bucks. :)
43 bed covers for friend, shopped on order. Double bed cover in yellow and orange squares. Single bed cover in sea blue and another in shades of pink. Will lie to her about the number and keep one for my bed. All for 600 bucks.
4Lime soda for fainting cousin

Lesson post-shopping spree: Happiness is inversely proportional to weight of wallet

Tale of cities

My opinion on cities I've lived in has always been stronger than my sexual preferences, or that's what I thought.
Delhi's always been like a boorish boyfriend, a poet with mood swings, heavy and heaving under a heap of history. In contrast, Mumbai was a rocking rock star, chirpy and carefree, with lots of fun and a little sin on the side. However, it was in Bangalore that I found the Suitable Boy, cool, cultured, a gifted seducer from whom it is very difficult to tear away. And all along, Jamshedpur, that provided me a comfortable home, good education and lifelong friends, indulged me like a parent.
But in the last one month I have very much changed my mind. My visit to Mumbai a fortnight ago left me disappointed. Why didn't I notice its tiring lifestyle and tired faces before? And its potholes, flyover-to-flyover traffic and damp, damp buildings? It was like bumping into your ex-boyfriend after years, and wondering what you ever saw in him!
In sharp contrast, I fell in love with Delhi over the weekend. I loved its smell - the rustic coal-burning smell that is peculiar to the northern plains. Its cool evenings, with a hint of diwali in the air. And ah, the shopping. Shopping in Delhi is an ultimate high. I loved the randomness and chaos that prevail in its markets, big and small. The great bargains that end at one-fourth of the cost. The temptation to collect stuff you will never need. No fancy mall in Bangalore can ever, EVER, match up to the Great Delhi Shopping Experience. I almost went maniacal with shopping - Lajpatnagar, Sarojini Nagar, Janpath...even Pandav Bazaar - till my cousin decided enough was enough and promptly fainted.
And now, back in my cabin in Bangalore, I miss it all. Dilli Haat, which I couldn't visit. A joyride in the Delhi Metro. Lutyens Delhi.
And puja pandals of Jamshedpur.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Everyone's Invited

My sister Prabha is holding her art exhibition at Chitrakala Parishad, Kumara Krupa Road, Bangalore from Oct 9-11. To all who are in Bangalore in the coming week, it would be great if you could take some time out and drop in.
PS: Click on image to view invite.